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Custom Design

Our friendly, professional, and experienced in house designers are looking forward to sitting down with you and designing that one of a kind piece of jewellery. Whether it's transforming old jewellery and stones into something new and modern, or creating something completely new, we have the expertise to help you design something wonderful!

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Ring Sizing

X.O Jewellers use local goldsmiths who can size in gold, platinum, palladium or silver. Did you know there are 1/4 sizes in the sizing range for that perfect fit?  Our jewellers can sit down with you to size your finger so your ring will fit comfortably.

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Claw Repair

The more jewellery is worn, the more the claws holding your stones can become loose over time. It is highly recommended to get your jewellery regularly checked for loose claws or stones so you do not lose the precious gems or diamonds that highlight your piece. 

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Reset & Supply Diamonds

Most jewellery pieces are made by artisans who take the time to handset your diamonds or gemstones; unfortunately, over time these will get loose with natural wear and tear, and potentially lost. If this happens, we can match your pre-existing diamonds or gemstones and restore your piece to its former brilliance. 

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Pearl Restringing

Pearl jewellery is a timeless classic, and if looked after can be handed down from generation to generation.  We restring necklaces and bracelets, both knotted and un-knotted using silk thread. We can also redesign pieces if desired.

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Jewellery Cleaning

Having that special piece of jewellery polished feels like getting a brand new piece. Let our goldsmiths, clean, polish, tighten or reset your favourite piece to bring it back to life. 

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